2021 Season Schedule Grades 3-6

Hello MYFA family. We are excited to announce the schedule for the 2021 grade 3-6 season. This season will be a normal full tackle season. This schedule is grade 3-6 only. Flag and grade 1/2 season schedule will be released later this summer but will begin in September. Please see below and share and pass along this info. Registration link: https://www.eagleyouthfootball.org/2021-season-registration/***Players must be registered and paid prior to practicing***

Camp week/team selection: Players will need shorts, cleats and water.Grade 3/4: Red Team Head Coach Chris Duffy and Blue Team Head Coach Pete Tibbetts

Tue & Thurs: 8/17, 8/19, 8/24 and 8/26 5:30pm-6:30pm @ Messalonskee Middle School (following this regular practices as scheduled by coaches will begin) Grade 5/6: Red Team Head Coach Darren Doucette (we will have one team at this level unless #’s dictate otherwise, this will be evaluated during team selection) Mon, Tue & Thurs: 8/16, 8/17, 8/19, 8/23, 8/24 and 8/26 5:30-7:00pm @ Messalonskee Middle School (following this regular practices as scheduled by coaches will begin) Equipment handout/Final registration Wed 8/25: Grade 5/6 5:30-6:30 and Grade 3/4 6:30-7:30 @ Equipment shed 6 Oak Street Oakland. You are responsible to buy cleats, mouthpiece and BLACK football pants. All other equipment is provided.No practice Labor Day weekend or Labor Day September Friday 9/3- Monday 9/6 Enjoy your holiday!

No practices on Fridays during the regular season, we encourage you to attend the High School games.***Games mostly Sundays but there may be occasional Saturday games*** 1st game will be weekend of September 11/12 and last game weekend of Saturday October 30/31 Equipment return Monday November 1st 5:30-7:00pm @ Equipment shed 6 Oak Street Oakland.


Game Protocols and Reminders

Every player is allowed to have ONLY 2 spectators at their game.  Whether it is a parent, grandparent, sibling, etc. 2 means 2.

Spectators need to stay 6 feet from other spectators.  If you are not within 6 feet then you must be wearing a mask.

During the game, please make use of the entire area.  Spread out around the field.  We will have an area blocked off for the players.  Just please stay on the outside of the cones but spread out.

What you bring in, you must take out.  There is no place to put trash or bottles so please take them with you when you leave.  

GRADES 3/4 spectators must wait in the parking area until the field is cleared from the prior game.  Please wait for those spectators, players, and coaches to leave the field. Please feel free to come to the field area when you see your player’s team heading that way. 

GRADES 5/6 will be asked to leave the field immediately after your game.  Please do not hang around the field area as we need to clear out so the next game can happen. 

2020 Game schedule and Game Protocol

Hello MYFA football family!  Below is the game schedule for Grades K-6 as well as the protocol for spectators. We are so sorry that we have to limit the amount of fans at games but hopefully next year we won’t have to worry about this.  If it appears that we have too many spectators at games and we are over 100, we will have to go around and enforce the protocol below. 
Protocol for all Grades K-6:  Only 2 spectators per player will be allowed at the games.  All spectators must practice social distance and when you are not you must be wearing a mask.  Please see below for special protocols for Grades 3-6 games.  

Grades K-2 Game Schedule:  
October 3rd:     10am-11am Royal vs Red/ White vs. Navy

October 10th:   10am-11am White vs Red/ Royal vs. Navy

October 17th:   10am-11am Navy vs. Red/ White vs. Royal

October 24th:  10am-11am  Royal vs. Red/ White vs. Navy

October 31st:  10am-11am  White vs. Red/ Royal vs. Navy

**All games will be played at Messalonskee Middle School Football Field**

Grades 3-6 Game Schedule:  (We apologize for the early game times- this was due to referee availability).
Games every Sunday @ MMS Red vs.Blue beginning 10/4 and concluding 11/1

9:00am-10:00am- Grade 5/6

10:30am-11:30pm- Grade 3/4


Updates for Grades K-2

Grade K-2 announcement:

Hello MYFA family. After careful consideration grade 1/2 football will be in-house flag this season. There will be NO EQUIPMENT HANDOUT. Players will need to wear football pants, mouth guards and cleats for practice/games. Jerseys and flags will be provided at practice. Registration will end this Saturday the 19th. Parents will be contacted this Sunday 20th by the players coach about practices which will begin week of the 21st.

Prek/K: Players will also receive an email on Sunday with information.

Thanks everyone. Please spread the word and share.

Updates Flag Football

Good evening football families.  It is with a heavy heart that our tackle season was taken from our youth kids this afternoon with the MPA ruling.  We are still continuing a season with flag football for the kids.  We want to keep the kids learning and playing a game they love, even if it looks different this season. Below is the most recent update after a Coaches meeting tonight.   
Grades 3-6:  We will be playing regional inter-community flag football (teams to be determined.  Waterville and Winslow have committed with other programs expected to join).  We will NOT need to have equipment hand out this weekend. Team selection will continue next week and rosters will be announced at some point.  Please see next week’s practice schedule below.   Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
Grade 3-4:  Practices will be the following days at Messalonskee Middle School                                               Tuesday 5:30-7pm                                               Friday 5:30-7pm                                               Sunday 10-11:30am
Grades 5-6:  Practices will be the following days at Messalonskee Middle School                                                Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 5:30-7pm

Now for an update for the K-2 
At this time there are no changes for grades 1-2 as far as the time line goes to begin the season.  As we have said all along we will still have a season whether it is tackle or flag.  This decision will be based on the amount of registrations.  Here is a reminder below to what the schedule is for Grades 1/2:  
Equipment issue is Saturday 9/19/20  Grade 2 will be at 9am and Grade 1 will be at 10am at our equipment shed located at 6 Oak Street, Oakland behind fire station.  Practices will start the week of 9/21/2020 (TBD by Coaches) and will occur at Messalonskee Middle School. 5 games total will be played.  The first game will be on 10/3/2020 with the last game being Saturday 10/31/2020 (full schedule TBD).  
FLAG:  5 total weeks beginning on Saturday 10/3/2020 @ 10am.  All games will be played at Messalonskee Middle School football field Saturday mornings at 10am always.  Last game will be Saturday 10/31/2020.
If anything changes for these levels we will notify parents as soon as possible.
Thank you all!  See you on the fields!

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