Colby Football Youth Day

Time to start thinking football!!  Glad to see some green out there!!  Below is something that was sent to us regarding the upcoming Colby Football Youth Day in April.  Please make sure to click on link and see what it is about…fun time for the players.  Make sure to register this week to get the free t-shirt.  Looking forward to seeing everyone!!


Hello all,


Thank you to those who have signed up already the the 3rd Annual Colby Football Youth Day!


I just wanted to make everyone aware that we will only be taking sign ups until April 5th. After that point, all sign ups will be permitted but not ensured a free t-shirt. To be clear, you must sign up on or before April 5th to guarantee a free t-shirt!


Again, if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to ask.


See you all soon!


Connor Clancy


Colby College ’15

Colby Football #55


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