Game Protocols and Reminders

Every player is allowed to have ONLY 2 spectators at their game.  Whether it is a parent, grandparent, sibling, etc. 2 means 2.

Spectators need to stay 6 feet from other spectators.  If you are not within 6 feet then you must be wearing a mask.

During the game, please make use of the entire area.  Spread out around the field.  We will have an area blocked off for the players.  Just please stay on the outside of the cones but spread out.

What you bring in, you must take out.  There is no place to put trash or bottles so please take them with you when you leave.  

GRADES 3/4 spectators must wait in the parking area until the field is cleared from the prior game.  Please wait for those spectators, players, and coaches to leave the field. Please feel free to come to the field area when you see your player’s team heading that way. 

GRADES 5/6 will be asked to leave the field immediately after your game.  Please do not hang around the field area as we need to clear out so the next game can happen. 


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