This is only for grades 3-6. Grades K-2 will begin next week as previously planned. Watch for anyone date this week for that level.

Good evening football family!  What a great last couple of days.  It is so great to see all the kiddos back out on the fields.  Let’s hope for good news from MPA tomorrow.  Fingers crossed we can continue with tackle.  If we can’t continue with tackle, we will move to flag for all grade levels.  If we do have to switch to flag, we will still need players to get gear as they will be issued helmets for the season.  Flag equipment would consist of a helmet, jersey, and flags that would be provided by the program.  We would still like the players to wear cleats and football pants.  
I wanted to say thank you to all you parents.  Without all of you the program would not be a success.  Thank you for wanting your kids to get back to some type of normalcy,  whatever that maybe these days!  We have nothing but the best interest for all the kids at heart as well as keeping them as safe as possible.  All the coaches have been given safe, sanitizing items to wipe the footballs down with as well as the tackling bags.  We also have bottles of hand sanitizer at all practices and games for the kids.  If you could just help the coaches, as they have enough they are trying to do, by telling your kiddo to grab a squirt during their water breaks that would be great.  I am sure the Coaches would appreciate the help in this area.  If you ever have a concern about anything please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and let us know.  We try very hard to make sure the seasons go smoothly and are a great memory for the kiddos.  Once again we thank you for all your patience as we navigate this new journey together.  
I wanted to end by just giving a reminder that all levels(Grades 3-6) have practice tomorrow night 5:30-7-7:30ish at Messalonskee Middle School.   On Saturday September 12th we will issue equipment to the kids.  Grades 5/6 will start at 10am and Grade 3/4 will start at 11am.  We will be asking for only the kids to go upstairs to get the gear so we can try to limit the amount of people in one small space.  Please remember to social distance while at the shed.  We will have cones set up that each family/child should stand at and wait to be called over to get gear.  


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